Digital transformation strategy is not a product or solution that can be easily acquired or bought. It refers to a continuous process that involves new technologies and work methods to maintain competitiveness through constant innovation. A harmonious combination of technologies, processes, and culture must be implemented.

Overall, companies worldwide are exploring a digital transformation strategy nowadays. However, only 5% of companies have fully become digital to have that differentiating value from their competitors.

In order to achieve 100% digital transformation across companies, it’s necessary to reassess what customers value the most and begin creating operational models that leverage the latest technology to achieve competitive differentiation in the market.

Taking into account the great importance that the digital transformation strategy has taken on, we share with you 5 tips to consider for a successful business digital transformation:

-Perform an initial assessment and diagnosis of your company: The first thing you should consider is to perform a detailed assessment of your company, which should include an evaluation of digital capabilities, infrastructure, available budget, alignment with business objectives, and market needs. This is one of the most important steps to determine what needs to be modified, recognize the desired scenario, the starting point, the stages, and the timelines to examine this change in all areas.

-Cybersecurity risks: This is one of the most important tips when starting the digital transformation strategy process, as the widespread use of the internet has increased information theft of users and companies. Therefore, we recommend investing in software tools to improve your cybersecurity.

-You should consider hybrid or remote work environments: Incorporating new work modalities can be an advantage for your business, depending on the market your company is in. Considering this work alternative can be an ideal option, as remote or hybrid work has yielded interesting results by increasing employee productivity levels.

-Incorporate the cloud in your processes: This is the perfect time to start implementing the use of cloud storage and working solutions. There are too many options to improve the collaborative actions of your company, enhancing communication and service management.

-Management and implementation of Big Data: Currently, it is very important that your company has the capacity to process the largest and most complex data through a technological process that ensures results and real-time information management.

By successfully implementing a digital transformation strategy, companies can take advantage of the technology and communication sphere to enjoy growth and profits. In this sense, it can help improve core processes and drive them to enhance the customer experience, having a positive impact on the results.