Business Intelligence

Accelerate and improve business decision-making, with practical and scalable solutions based on business intelligence.


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Know the tangible benefits for your organization:


quick to plan, analyze and create reports


MORE quality in making better business decisions


improvement in employee satisfaction

Why implement BI?

  • Accelerate and improve decision-making.
  • Increase the tactical and operational efficiency of your company.
  • Identifies new opportunities for profit and profitability of your business.
  • Get quick answers to errors, failures, and risks in companies.
    Project business sales realistically.
  • Know the behavior patterns of customers or consumers, to make business decisions.
  • Set realistic goals for the short, medium, and long term.
    Make your business bookmarks visible quickly, to understand the business and perspective.

How do we do it?

We offer Business Intelligence solutions for small, medium and large corporations. We analyze and implement Data Integration projects tailored to the company´s needs, allowing them to make decisions on time, detect anomalies or deviations, and draw new strategies and actions, for the optimal achievement of their strategic objectives.


BI Assessment

Consultants specialized in Business Intelligence will work together with the company, during the process of defining requirements, to arrive at the expected solution.

Data modeling

Data modeling oriented to KPIs and management indicators, to respond with high performance to the queries and analyzes of end users.

Data integration and ETL

Solution for extracting, transforming, loading data and integrations from any type of source.



We developed the layer of indicators, reports and control panels, through Power BI technology, Microstrategy, QlickView


Administration of BI environments

Specialized service in administration, management, quality control, methodologies and good practices.

Extended support

Administration, control and monitoring of the BI platform. This support can be complemented with services of steps to production, quality control and management of good practices.

Business intelligence

Why are we differents?

As a company more than 8 years of experience in the BI category, we can a align ourselves with the strategic plans of companies, as well as develop information visualization solutions according to their maturity.

Our clients

Large and small companies today have tools to understand the behavior of their customers, quickly generate business insights through detailed visualizations, discover the challenges that prevent them from maximizing their operations and make efficient decisions to improve their results.


Sale of agricultural products derived from palm crops.


Company dedicated to the distribution of all kinds of agricultural and electrical tools and hardware store.


Manufacture of tools for agricultural and construction activities.


Manufactures security products such as locks, padlocks, safes, hinges, among others.