Virtual telephony: evolution for your business!

We provide your company with the use of cloud services that allow you to be more efficient, productive and grow without physical or technological limitations.

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Digital Transformation

Your Telephone System must be able to scale just like your business does, without having to invest a large amount of money in the process. With us, you can have your Call Center in minutes, an installation service in record time and class 5 software, where you will always be supported by an expert team.

Virtual phone numbers

Get your local or toll-free phone number in more than 60 countries and expand the presence of your business in just a few steps.


Automatically convert audio to text

Activate Speech to Text (STT) and receive the transcripts of your voice mails or call recordings, in your e-mail, or integrate them with your CRM.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

Set up IVR in minutes and direct your customers to the right agent, team or department.

Integrations with CRM and more

Integration with your business applications and synchronization of calls and SMS with sales and support processes.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitor the performance of your telephony and call center with useful reports, or create your own dashboards.

Send and receive SMS text messages

Take advantage of the power of text messages for notifications with your clients, or marketing campaigns.

TELEPHONY: Economical, easy to install and manage

Total freedom to install it wherever you want, SIP trunks or IP phones, saving money for your business. We install in the cloud, using our PBX Express tool, or using the configurator for on-premise installations.

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Savings vs. traditional telephony


Equipment obsolescence

What is a Virtual Central in the Cloud?

A virtual PBX in the cloud is an advanced telephony solution that makes use of the internet to store and manage your virtual PBX solution. With our technology in the cloud you eliminate the need for equipment, maintenance and physical structure, providing updates at no cost and state-of-the-art telephone exchange function.

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Advanced and modern functionalities: mobility through apps, web video conferencing and video calls, collaboration, chat and more.