Omnichannel Solution

Take your customer experience to another level. We integrate all your contact channels, in a single platform, that allows the agent to carry out all the interactions from a unified desktop and have prior information on the client.

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We implement and support

We connect your channels of incoming and outgoing calls to mobile and landlines, video calls, interactions to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, SMS and web forms, all from one place.

Information security

Implementation of quality and safety controls

Agile implementation

Agile solution, in which you can start your operation in just 2 days.

High availability

Monthly from end to end of 99.6% and attention 24*7.


Multiple training and self-learning tools to easily transfer knowledge and take advantage of all the platform’s features.

Automatic Updates

In processes, technology, products and methodologies.

No permanence clauses

Adjust your expenses according to the fluctuations of your operation, without fixed costs.

What are you waiting to meet?

  • Connect with customers from multiple contact channels, on a single desktop.
  • Increase contact center productivity.
  • Get important information on key performance indicators.
  • Reduce the volume of calls and their costs, through the automation of processes.



  • Increase productivity up to 300%.
  • Software with integrated functionalities “all in one”.
  • Easy implementation and flexible business models.
  • Cloud solutions.

Active users


Investment in specialized technology

Know all the possibilities for your business. We implement according to the needs of your company and processes.


Interface that integrates voice, data and video, giving the advisor the possibility of managing different channels at the time of service, also having the client’s information.

Diagram Studio

Configure different routing engines, with Artificial Intelligence functionalities, automatic speech recognition, intention-based decisions, statistics, connection to multiple channels, database queries, Rest API connection and PHP development.

Omnichannel Auto Dialer

Allows predictive and progressive dialing, preview and manual. Make up to 10 simultaneous calls for each connected agent, with automatic mode.

Service evaluation

Multiple tools to guarantee customer satisfaction: parameterization of quality matrices and attributes of critical errors; Speech Analytics to evaluate protocol monitoring, response speed, etc; satisfaction surveys and interaction monitoring.


Record 100% of audio and screen calls, and download them in different formats.

API and Integrations

Application programming Interface that allows integrating external applications such as CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence with the platform, to achieve a more reliable connection with different information systems.

Smart routing

Multiple routing systems to provide better service to your customers, first contact solutions and increase their satisfaction.


Artificial intelligence bots

Through a simple, easy to use and dynamic automation system; you will be able to attend, manage and respond in an agile way to the most common customer interactions, with predefined responses.