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    Flexible solutions witch one click
    Forget traditional conference rooms, outfitted with expensive, complex, custom hardware and on-premises software, typically running from room to room. Your company or business deserves more flexible solutions, with rooms from which you can start a video meeting instantly, with one click. Our Rooms solution includes:


    Next generation equipment

    A wide range of hardware from leading vendors: PC/Mac/Chromebox, display, camera, speaker and mic, controller.

    Integrations Solutions

    Integration with video conferencing software: Zoom, Teams or Hangouts.


    Zoom licensing if required

    Tailored to the needs of the business or company.

    HD Video and Audio

    Flawless, high-definition video across desktop, mobile, and room systems

    One touch to join

    Quickly join scheduled meetings with one touch

    Wireless sharing

    Share content from your laptop or mobile device easily with just one touch

    Tecnology Partners

    Better meeting spaces. Better meetings.

    The modern workspaces for hybrid teams, Rooms bring HD video collaboration into any space – in the office, in the classroom, or at home – and enable in-person and remote participants to interact in real time. Simple to start a meeting, book a room, and share content, Rooms are the conference room experience you’ve always wanted.

    More than 20 years of experience in

     technological business solutions

    When you buy Rooms with us, you are not only buying different pieces of excellent quality equipment, but also an integrated package of hardware and software, pieces that we help you put together in an integral way as a single solution for your needs.

    Years experience

    Executed projects

    Clients in differentes industries

    Zoom Rooms are a manifestation of Zoom’s award-winning, frictionless meeting experience optimized for meeting rooms. Built from the ground up on the same platform that supports Zoom Meetings for desktop and mobile, Zoom Rooms brings together the features and usability that our customers love into physical spaces for a next-gen group collaboration experience.

    Design Process

    Our 6 Step Process delivers SOLUTIONS instead of gadgets. Each step builds on the next. Our Process is what sets up apart and thrills our clients.

    The modern workspaces for hybrid teams

     “That idea of 8-to-5 access to a faculty member in the halls of a building in College Station, Texas, isn’t a thing anymore with Zoom, and it doesn’t have to be”. Dr. Jocelyn Widmer, Texas A&M University.

    We create collaborative, easy-to-use, and modern meeting spaces with flawless video and audio.

    What are you waiting for to have your videoconference room system?

    All you need are the following components and a Zoom Rooms, Google Meets or Teams license to get up and running.