Digital transformation in businesses is known as the application of technological and digital potential and capabilities to the processes, products, and services of companies, all with the purpose of improving the customer experience, value offered to customers, efficiency, management, and exploration of new business opportunities. However, implementing digital technology in companies involves a significant change.

As previously discussed, following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a widespread adoption of new technologies and digital transformation in business. One of the first things that companies have adopted is the ability to move to the cloud and store large amounts of data.

Many companies fail to tackle digital transformation in business as a competitiveness strategy. It is important to know that digital transformation in business includes two relevant things, the first is to transform, and the second is to do it with the objective of adapting to the current market (digital world).

A large number of companies that have begun a strategy focused on digital transformation in business have been successful. According to data from the IESE Penteo Study on Digital Transformation, 47% of companies believe they have met the expectations generated initially and 13% believe they have exceeded them.

In this new blog, we want to tell you about some simple factors to consider in digital transformation in business. It’s not just about renewing obsolete technologies, but about making a change in the corporate culture and defining a specific and long-term strategy.

-Initial diagnosis

-Planning of a specific strategy

-Digital transformation in business to seek opportunities and growth

-Encouraging professional development

-Creation of new and innovative digital business models

-Improvements in customer experience

-Corporate culture is fundamental to digital transformation in business

-Application of BIG DATA

-Changing the internal organization

-Measurement of results

-Finding new talents that are needed and renovating the IT department.

-Cybersecurity risks

You should keep in mind that innovation plays a very important role in building products and services in the digital market. The second important topic in digital transformation in business is the involvement of our employees. This application will not be effective if we do not place people at the center of the entire transition and digital transformation in business.

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